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What tools do you need to prepare when cleaning the PPR tube?


What tools do you need to prepare when cleaning the PPR tube?

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What tools do you need to prepare when cleaning the PPR tube? Which tool is essential?


1 washing machine

When cleaning the PPR tube, use a floor heating washer to clean it thoroughly. The floor heating washing machine is held by professional pipe cleaning personnel and has many interfaces to be connected. It is easy for non-professionals to operate incorrectly. Cleaning the PPR tube, this professional work is still handed over to professional people, the effect will be more guaranteed.


2 rags

Clean the exterior of the PPR tube and use a soft rag. First wipe the PPR tube body with a clean dry rag. If it is not clean, wipe it with water and wipe it off. Generally, it can be wiped clean. If it is oily, using a wet wipe will be quicker and the effect will be good.


3 cleaning agent

PPR pipe cleaning, with special pipe cleaning agent. The choice of pipe cleaner is as important as the choice of PPR pipe. When purchasing, it depends on the composition of the cleaning agent, whether it is hygienic and non-toxic, whether there is a product certificate, whether the manufacturer has indicated it, how long the production date has passed, etc., and all qualified PPR pipe cleaning agents can be carried out. select.


4 air compressor

The air compressor, referred to as the air compressor, is an auxiliary tool when cleaning the pipeline. When cleaning the PPR pipe, the air compressor compresses the air volume, so that the air pressure is greatly enhanced, so that the water flowing out of the floor heating machine instantly becomes a high-pressure water mist, and the scale, the sediment and the like in the pipe are instantaneously crushed, with the water. Flow out to clean the PPR pipe.


5 drain hose

When cleaning the PPR tube, prepare a drain hose. Connect the drain hose to the end of the floor heating cleaner, and introduce the sewage washed from the pipeline into the sewer. It will not be dirty, and it is very troublesome to clean.